Educatie op Maat

Meer dan eens worden we gevraagd om onze educatie programma's op maat te maken, en dat doen we graag! Onze filosofie staat als een huis en is diep geworteld in onze dagelijkse werkzaamheden. Daarom vinden we altijd de beste en meest originele manieren om tot nieuwe concepten te komen en de educatie ervaring uniek te maken. Op deze pagina vind je een kleine greep uit onze educatie projecten op maat uit 2016&2017. Benieuwd wat we voor jou kunnen doen? Neem dan contact met ons op! 

InScience Festival

Als onderdeel van het wetenschappelijke filmfestival InScience werden er meerdere DIY labs georganiseerd. KunstLab is gevraagd om invulling te geven aan een van deze DIY labs, volgens onze filosofie en visie op kunst en wetenschap.

Op basis van het thema van de dag organiseerden we een serie workshops met de vraag hoe wetenschappelijke feiten kunnen worden toegepast in de praktijk. Met korte, zorgvuldig samengestelde opdrachten daagden we de deelnemers uit om een potentieel antwoord op de vraag van de dag te vinden. De vragen die we probeerden te beantwoorden waren: 'Welk genetisch DNA zou je willen veranderen?', 'Als hersentraining je eigen brein kon beinvloeden, welk deel van je hersenen zou je trainen en waarom?', 'Wat wens je van een robot als deze functioneel kon zijn in de gezondheidszorg?' en 'Hoe zou een speelplaats voor alle zintuigen eruit zien?'.

Op Zondag organiseerden we nog een extra workshop speciaal voor de allerkleinsten, die vol enthousiasme met ons mee deden.

Zuid aan Zee

Zuid aan Zee is a holiday week for kids, including those who can’t go on holiday or are financially not capable. For this admirable project, we developed a new concept and organized the event of 2017. The project was a collaboration with Kunstbedrijf Arnhem.

With the theme ‘Designing for the future’, the kids were transposed in a crazy scenario, the year 2080. The world is a mess, the plastic soup is bigger than ever, the ice caps have melted completely and the dikes have all burst. The kids have to save the world, and in search for the answer, literally everything has to be made from scratch. Combining art and science with collaboration, exploration and creative thinking, the group engages in all sorts of activities. All the while having the best time, gaining self-confidence in making and thinking, as well as new friends - perhaps even for life.

This program was awarded the Youth Culture Award 2017.

ArtEz Conservatory - Music Therapy

Based on our makers-in-residency program, we developed a program for the project week of all master students Music Therapy at the ArtEZ Conservatory. The two-way program was on the one hand focussed on how the individual students could determine and use their strengths in the professional work field, and on the other hand, it was focused on realistic cases with societal issues that needed to be solved.

Case examples were ‘The loneliness of the elderly and their apathy’, ‘Elderly in the final stages of dementia’, ‘The participation society’ and ’The homeless’. The program aimed to connect the hopes and dreams of the young music therapists to be to the ever-changing landscape of their profession. In a very practical manner, the students got to test out their future in a safe environment and learned how to apply their creativity.

Immerloo Park

The Immerloo Park in Arnhem is incredibly hard to find and because of that, quite inaccessible. Based on our education program, we compiled a series of workshops for children, in which they are invited to design a creative gateway that stands out. Offering our usual way of thinking, the children combined playful experimentation with design thinking and lots of fantasy. We gave this workshop on many schools in the area, as well as an extensive after-school trajectory in Huissen and a hands-on version at the Immerloo Park Festival, resulting in over 100 designs!

We are currently collaborating with the municipality of Arnhem to build one of the designs as a gateway in 2018. And if all goes well, each subsequent year we will build a new one, eventually realizing unique gateways for all the entrances to the park.

Hugo de Groot School - Socces Goals

We were asked to compile a design class for group 7 & 8 of the elementary Hugo de Groot School. As the playground of the school is to be renovated, we saw this as an excellent chance to give the children a real-life experience and lots of influence over their own environment. We decided to design soccer goals with them, incorporating learning with an open and design-based mindset into the curriculum. The groups were asked to sketch, but also to build a maquette of their best idea. All the maquettes were collected and exhibited in the school central hall, inviting the school, the parents and anyone who was interested, to vote for the most original goal. A selection of the best goals has been combined into a final design, which was then forged by an ironsmith. And now the playground is proudly decorated with the most creative soccer goal ever, designed by the students!

This project was realized because of the fine collaboration with KunstBedrijf Arnhem and Hugo the Groot School.