Workshops Higher Education

KunstLab highly values transferring knowledge and work methods onto the next generation of makers. Together we can shape the future! With our education program, we hope to educate young people in the art of research and design thinking. By using technology in a hands-on, playful manner, we hope to show the students how they can come up with practical answers to social questions. If they are equipped with our design- and thinking methods, they are able to design and create their own surroundings and future.

The following themes are central to our entire program: art, science, technology, social issues, thematic learning, sustainability, learning through design, design thinking, citizenship, innovative solutions, waste and energy, multimedia and creative thinking.

Workshop Social Design

The workshop 9th Art is an education program designed especially for young grown-ups, attending art school, conservatory or university. 

In the 21st century, participation and interaction are becoming increasingly important. Especially with current globalization dynamics, making connections and establishing collaborations are vital to a well-functioning society. We believe culture, art and innovation will become key resources, and if they are, they should be available to use. This will ask an open attitude from the entire society, but even more so from the creator himself. By educating artists, technologists, and scientists to be a modern-day maker, our society is guaranteed of a valuable input of culture, art, and creativity. 

In this education program, you will be trained to bridge art, science, and society, you will be challenged to experiment, open up a dialogue and to search for your own role as a maker or researcher. As a team, you will be given a complex case, in a professional context. You will individually have to confront and manage your learning process, but you will be coached by the experienced team of KunstLab. To offer structure, KunstLab uses a system based on elements of the Design Thinking method, as well as methodological interdisciplinary research methods of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS). 

Within the program, you can develop an idea into an artwork, artistic expression, a prototype for an innovative product or service, with means and guidance. You will develop yourself as an interdisciplinary maker by collaborating with students from other disciplines. We will combine work methods from both the scientific as artistic work field, to come to innovative solutions together. By working with societal partners; actuals institutions and organizations, the problems you are confronted with are real-life, not fictional. You will work towards a solution that might actually solve a current problem. 


Are you an educator and are you interested in this workshop? Contact us to talk about the possibilities.