Workshops Age 12-17

KunstLab highly values transferring knowledge and work methods onto the next generation of makers. Together we can shape the future! With our education program, we hope to educate younger people in the art of research and design thinking. By using technology in a hands-on, playful manner, we hope to show the students how they can come up with practical answers to social questions. If they are equipped with our design- and thinking methods, they are able to design and create their own surroundings and future. 

The following themes are central to our entire program: art, science, technology, social issues, thematic learning, sustainability, learning through design, design thinking, citizenship, innovative solutions, waste and energy, multimedia and creative thinking. 

If the workshop doesn't fit your needs, but our program does appeal to you, we will gladly think along. We can tailor our programs or come up with something new entirely with the same set of values. 

Discussing ideas

Workshop Social Design

With sensors we let dancers make music with their movements, but could the technique also be used as an innovative solution for people with a speech disability? Big screens respond to movements of groups of people during the opening of a new train station. But could the technique also be used to improve the safety in traffic tunnels? How can art contribute to societal developments? This is the question central to the workshop Social Design. We take you on a journey through our work method and direct you towards finding creative solutions for your own environment. In a small group, you will deal with a realistic, actual challenge. We will provide you with short and fast assignments to get the creative process going. Together you will design a poster explaining and promoting your solution to the challenge. Who will come up with the best idea for the elderly home, the library or the second-hand store?!

This workshop can be offered as an in-school, seven-week course under our guidance, or as an intensive one-day workshop. We can also accommodate space in our studio in Arnhem. Contact us for more information.