Urban Water Waste

About the case

Flooding is a major problem in the city of Arnhem, and specifically in the neighborhood called Geitenkamp. In the coming years, the drain pipes will be renewed, but it will not be enough in the fight against water. It is known that although the sewer is a convenient way to discharge water, it is not always the best option as the complex system overflows easily. In this case you will research different ways to direct water streams, such as the creation of special gardens, a waterpark or a major fountain. And since most land that overflows belongs to the inhabitants of the neighborhood, you will focus on how to involve them in finding a solution that benefits all.

About Kunstbedrijf Arnhem

Kunstbedrijf Arnhem has a mission to connect people through art and works for the municipality of Arnhem to establish a connection, innovation, and durability in the region. The connection is established by functioning as a major player in the cultural field, searching for interesting collaboration partners and initiating new projects. Innovation is stimulated by recognizing interesting ideas from partners while trying to find financial support to realize them. Durability to Kunstbedrijf Arnhem means that art and culture are accessible to all layers of society in the city, which is why entrepreneurship and social activities are highly valued. Kunstbedrijf Arnhem brings a passion for art and culture to everyone, by connecting and stimulating inspiring cultural initiatives.

Will you design a way for excess water to be used by the locals?