Tactile Orchestra

Tactile Orchestra is a collaboration project with Studio Roos Meerman, exploring smart textiles in an effort to create a shared musical experience. 

The installation shows a soft, furry surface that reacts to touch. When stroked, the interaction creates a range of extraordinary sounds, that can be explored throughout the fabric. Through collaboration, multiple participants can together create a symphony, treating the fabric as their orchestra. 

Tactile Orchestra  - Photo by Xandra van der Eijk
Tactile Orchestra - Photo by Xandra van der Eijk

Participation and collaboration are cornerstones of our society, that are more and more being actively stimulated. But how does collaboration actually work? What is the best way to discover new things together? Tactile Orchestra is a way to research a possible answer to these questions. 

The installation has been under development for the past years, taking on different shapes, sounds, and fabrics. This resulted in extensive exposure in the shape of many exhibitions and events, but also into a research for further applications of the technology that is being used. Central to this research was the question: how can an artwork be extended to be of use to others? 

Use your touch to explore a musical composition

Kozie Wall Object - Photo by Eva Broekema
Kozie Wall Object - Photo by Eva Broekema


With our product Kozie, we have found a way to alter the original installation into a wall piece and cushion for demented elderly. The products have been received with overwhelming enthusiasm in the care industry, resulting in a new start-up. More about this development can be found on our Kozie page, or on the website of Kozie itself. 

Tactile Orchestra was seen (amongst other places) at Cooper Hewitt - Smithsonian Design Museum, Gorizia Italy, Drift Nijmegen, CineKid Amsterdam and Museum Arnhem.