Social Landscape

About the case

Gelders Landschap, the name of a beautiful landscape that is home to the social farm Hoeve Klein Mariendaal, offers a perfect surrounding for people with mental disabilities to rehabilitate. Right now, this potential is used in a minimal way, while scientific research shows that a well designed landscape can be of great benefit for healing. In this case we ask you to design new and creative ways to alter or add to the landscape, to entice the senses through sound, color and smell, aiding the rehabilitation proces of mental health patients.

About Hoeve Klein Mariendaal

Wether it is a physical condition, a burn-out or more severe mental disorder, at Hoeve Klein Mariendaal patients can spend their time in a meaningful way while working on their revalidation. All the normal tasks of a farm come to pass, such as taking care of the animals, working on the vegetable and fruit gardens and small repairs. The city farm operates in two ways: offering a revalidation program to those who are looking for physical work in a safe and understanding environment, while offering a beautiful landscape, farm and tearoom to the public.

Will you help improve rehabilitation processes?