Social Farming

About the case

At Hoeve Klein Mariendaal, people with mental or physical disabilities can engage in day-to-day activities on a farm, ranging from caretaking of animals to cultivating fruit and vegetables. The program offers a nurturing environment to spend the day or to rehabilitate. The farms' crop is healthy and abundant, leaving an excess of produce for the taking. In this case you will work on a new purpose for the excess produce, connecting the farm to the neighborhood and local restaurants.

About Hoeve Klein Mariendaal

Whether patients suffer from a physical condition, burn out or severe mental disorder, Hoeve Klein Mariendaal offers to spend time in a meaningful way while working on a rehabilitation process. All regular farm tasks need to be done: taking care of the farm animals, working on the land and handling small repairs. The town farm works in two ways: it offers a rehabilitation program to those who need a safe and understanding environment, while the beautiful surroundings, farm and teahouse appeal to the residents of the neighborhood.

Will you use your design skills to battle food waste?