New Makers Evening

Since 2015 we have been organizing a series of evenings dedicated to art and science, elaborating on a theme by discussing new scientific research, artistic points of view and a LAB setting with tangible experiments. 

Whenever our team sees a subject surfacing, with interesting research being done in science as well as the arts, we organize an evening full of wonder supported by facts. With speakers from the field of science, innovative businesses working towards social innovation, art and theatre, we offer a layered view on a subject of societal impact. 


New Makers Evening by Xandra van der Eijk
New Makers Evening by Xandra van der Eijk
New Makers Evening: Gender, 2017

Talks, Discussions, Networking & Inspiration!

Next to lectures and round-the-table talks, we offer a demonstration of new techniques and innovative ideas in our Lab, where you can look around and play!

The evening is closed off with drinks and a laugh, and the opportunity to get to know like-minded people from surprising backgrounds. 

New Makers Evenings are organized in collaboration with Coehoorn Centraal, Gelderland Valoriseert, the Art Business Centre, HAN University, Radboud University en catering partner Stella by Starlight.

Next Edition

The next edition will be announced here, as soon as it is planned. Want to be the first to know? Keep an eye on our social media or sign up for our mailing list! 

There is currently no new edition planned.