Low Literacy Limbo

About the case

Over 2,5 million Dutch citizens have trouble reading, writing or calculating, most of whom are not open about their lack of skills. Two-thirds of those people are native Dutch. Arnhem based organization Rozet has gathered a broad group of like-minded businesses and institutions that come into contact with low literate citizens on a daily basis. In this case study, you will use creativity as a tool to help local organizations aid those citizens who miss the skills to read, write or calculate. How can you make the employees feel the necessity and importance of the matter, so they develop an active awareness and open attitude towards those who can’t read or write? Can you come up with a system or a product that employees can use, so the battle against low literacy can really begin? 

About Rozet

Rozet is a large organization with knowledge and experience in the field of language development and is well represented throughout the city of Arnhem. With the main office based in the city library, Rozet works every day to improve writing and reading skills, along with many partners in the field. The company initiates many projects through culture agents, who introduce subjects as language, culture, and heritage into the neighborhoods of Arnhem in a variety of creative ways.  

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