Kozie is a family of multisensory objects that have been designed specifically to aid elderly suffering from dementia. At the moment, the family consists of two products: a cushion that can be used individually and a wall object that can be used in group therapy sessions. The range is derived from our original smart textile installation Tactile Orchestra.

Kozie Cushion

The cushion is soft to touch and has a built-in speaker. By stroking the cushion, the speaker is activated and music is played. The music is fully programmable to the wishes and memories of the user, such as their favorite music, a spoken book or a voice recording of a loved one. With the sounds, the patient is able to summon a personified safe world, by their own touch. This results in a calm, recognizable atmosphere that helps to build trust. Based on this trust, the patient will be able to re-connect with their environment.

Kozie experiments at Museum Arnhem
Kozie experiments at Museum Arnhem - Photo by Eva Broekema
Kozie Wall Object at Museum Arnhem
Kozie Wall Object at Museum Arnhem

Kozie Wall Object

The wall object consists of a soft surface divided into different sections. Each section produces a different sound, such as a city noise or the wind blowing through the leaves in the forest. The wall object can be used by multiple patients at the same time.

Kozie has been co-developed with Studio Roos Meerman and is powered by our sister company Art Officials. More information can be found on the Kozie website.