Green Ownership

About the case

With limited capacity and budget within the municipality to become a greener city, BuurtGroenBedrijf developed their mission: a greener, well maintained and clean quarter. If every citizen contributes and claims their ownership over the soils in the quarter, the future green city will become reality in no-time. There are many ways to activate and empower citizens, and in this case study you will be challenged to think along. How can we realize a greener future together?

About BuurtGroenBedrijf

BuurtGroenBedrijf is an ongoing project of DeBlauweWijkEconomie. In Arnhem’s quarter Spijkerkwartier, the company is responsible for planting more greenery, while investing in its maintenance and overseeing the diversity of it. Commissioned by the municipality, citizens and societal organizations in the quarter, BuurtGroenBedrijf actively seeks collaboration with the inhabitants to achieve a large scale impact and circular economy.

Are you ready to show citizens their influence on the neighbourhood?