Energetic collective

About the case

We need to move away from using natural gas as an energy source and make the transition towards more sustainable alternatives. A lot of work is being done top down, but with mixed opinions and complicated procedures, the transition takes years. In this case, you will be working on an idea that uses the power of the people to accelerate the energy transition. Together with local initiative Spijkerenergie, you will try to find ways to actively involve the inhabitants of Arnhem’s quarter Spijkerkwartier and show them how they can contribute. With small, practical ideas, we will together create a much-needed shift from the bottom up.

About SpijkerEnergie

SpijkerEnergie is a project by DeBlauweWijkEconomie. The neighborhood initiative Spijkerenergie promotes a city quarter free from natural gas. The initiative aims to raise awareness amongst the inhabitants about using sustainable energy methods, as well as making homes energy proof for the future and downsizing the monthly energy bills.

Are you ready to start a new energy movement?