Connected Economy

About the case

Arnhems’ quarter Spijkerkwartier has a vibrant community interested and working on a circular economy. Multiple creative ideas have been realized or are being seriously researched, such as a community hotel, recycling second-hand furniture or cultivating oyster mushrooms on coffee waste. But for local companies, the ideology of a circular economy is still far-fetched. In this case study you will come up with an innovative system that connects exiting ideas from the community to local companies that might be able to innovate with them, thereby showing local companies how they can incorporate the ideology of the Blue Economy in their businesses.

About DeBlauweWijkEconomie

DeBlauweWijkEconomie is an initiative from and for the inhabitants if the Spijkerkwartier quarter. Working from a collectively shared passion for sustainability, they actively create a better living and working space. DeBlauweWijkEconomie acts as a connector and activator, sharing knowledge and a broad network to translate the local ideas into workable plans that can be executed or tested in real life. The initiative hopes to stimulate the growth of social enterprises that focus on a circular economy, working towards a future vibrant living space.

Will you find the ultimate link between a visionary inhabitant and local business owner?