Community Museum

About the case

In November 2017, Museum Arnhem will close its doors and start an intense renovation process. Re-opening will not happen until late 2019. All this time, Museum Arnhem is without a home. In this case, you will research the way the community around the museum can stay involved and how the museum can live on without a brick and mortar location.

About Museum Arnhem

Museum Arnhem bring art to the people, straight from the heart. The museum continuously searches for connection, with the audience, the city and the now. Art about society and the roll of mankind is what connects the broad bonds of realism, modern art and design. At a unique location, where nature and culture come together, the organization hopes to bring both insight and a fresh outlook. In the new museum, there will be more exhibition space, more facilities and an ever better view on the beautiful garden and surroundings.

Do you have a great idea to keep the museum alive?