Achieving social innovation by bridging art and science

We are KunstLab, an artistic initiative operating at the forefront of social innovation. With our projects, events and education program we hope to inspire all creative minded people about the ever-evolving and fascinating intersection between art and science. We believe that by using our artistic way of thinking and our self-developed design methods, two seemingly colliding worlds can come together to find answers to societal challenges. We aim to translate the value of knowledge and art into tangible results, inviting likeminded enthusiasts to join in on our journey! 

Where we come from...

KunstLab was founded in 2014, with founding partners Tom Kortbeek, Stefanie Hesseling and Tim Rouschop. Creative and strategic driving forces Tom and Stefanie demonstrate a collaboration based on the ground principles of the company: whereas Tom has a background in performance art and musical theatre, Stefanie delivers scientific expertise with her background in psychology. Meanwhile, the company has grown with a team of freelance professionals in the field of education, design thinking, and technology, forming a movement towards social innovation.

Join our quest!  

We actively seek out collaborations with established companies, intermediaries, design studio’s, technical whizzkids and scientific research institutes. Are you curious about what we could achieve together? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!