We are KunstLAB, an artistic initiative operating at the forefront of social innovation. With our projects, events and education program we hope to inspire all creative minded people about the ever evolving and fascinating intersection between art and science. We believe that by using our artistic way of thinking and our self-developed design methods, two seemingly colliding worlds can come together to find answers to societal challenges. We aim to translate the value of knowledge and art into tangible results, inviting like-minded enthusiasts to join in on our journey!

Residency / OPEN CALL

You can now apply for the second term of our 2017 makers-in-residence program! Following a four week program, young artists and scientists will get the opportunity to solve an actual societal issue through case studies that are made available by several KunstLab partners. Participation and production costs are covered, all you need to invest is time.

With the professional guidance of the KunstLab team and experts from the field, you will be supplied with all the tools needed to realize a practical solution to the issue you are working on.The results might take shape as an artwork, research, innovative service or as a prototype for a new product and will be pitched to the societal partner that has provided the case. The first term participants have had very enthusiastic responses and are working on a continuation of the project with their partner. In addition to the pitch, the results of all participants in the 2017 edition will be shown in an exhibition later this year!

Who can apply?

  • 3rd & 4th-year art school and university students
  • Alumni (max 3 years) from art schools and universities

Interested? Apply here


Social Landscape

Gelders Landschap, the name of a beautiful landscape that is home to the social farm Hoeve Klein Mariendaal, offers a perfect surrounding for people with mental disabilities to rehabilitate. Right now, this potential is used in a minimal way, while scientific research shows that a well designed landscape can be of great benefit for healing. In this case we ask you to design new and creative ways to alter or add to the landscape, to entice the senses through sound, color and smell, aiding the rehabilitation proces of mental health patients.


Urban Water Waste

Flooding is a major problem in the city of Arnhem, and specifically in the neighborhood called Geitenkamp. In the coming years, the drain pipes will be renewed, but it will not be enough in the fight against water. It is known that although the sewer is a convenient way to discharge water, it is not always the best option as the complex system overflows easily. In this case you will research different ways to direct water streams, such as the creation of special gardens, a waterpark or a major fountain. And since most land that overflows belongs to the inhabitants of the neighborhood, you will focus on how to involve them in finding a solution that benefits all.


Social Farming

At Hoeve Klein Mariendaal, people with mental or physical disabilities can engage in day-to-day activities on a farm, ranging from care taking of animals to cultivating fruit and vegetables. The program offers a nurturing environment to spend the day or to rehabilitate. The farms crop is healthy and abundant, leaving an excess of produce for the taking. In this case you will work on a new purpose for the excess produce, connecting the farm to the neighborhood and local restaurants.


Local Climate Change

The platform Arnhem Klimaatbestendig is a collaboration between many social and environmental organizations and institutions, aiming to connect eco-conscious citizens, companies and knowledge institutes. Creating awareness around climate change, the platform reaches out through sharing knowledge and initiating projects, such as in the neighborhood Coehoorn. Here, concrete prevails, leading to floods and extreme heat in this age of climate change. In this case you will work on solutions the inhabitants can easily implement and supply with basic materials and tools. With your ideas, they are able to adjust their environment to the ever changing weather.


Community Museum

Museum Arnhem brings art to the people. With exhibitions ranging from realism and modern art to design, the museum tries to connect their visitors to the city of Arnhem and to art. In November 2017, Museum Arnhem will close its doors and start an intense renovation proces. Re-opening will not happen until late 2019. All this time, Museum Arnhem is without a home. In this case you will research the way the community around the museum can stay involved and how the museum can live on without a brick and mortar location.

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